Mount Krakatau is part of the history of the world, visit and identify more closely, get the natural beauty around them, make your trip the most beautiful moments with us

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Boat Rental

Purposes: touring, diving, fishing
Destination location: Mount Krakatau, Ujungkulon, Panaitan
Boat type: Fibre glass, or a boat Wooden Boat


Fibre glass boats;
Length: 9 meters
Width: 2.5 meters
Engine: 2 x 40 [horsepower] and 2 × 60 [horsepower] Yamaha outboard
Speed??: 20-25 Knott / h
Capacity: 6 passengers + 2 crew
Life Jacket {float]
Compass: steering

note: the skipper experience, [has been working at sea more than 20 years]

Boat / Boat Wood

Length: 15-18 feet
width: 3 meters
machinery; Inboard [mitsubishi diasel]
Speed??: 8-12 Knott / h
capacity: 10 passengers, 3 crew
fitted: compass [director]
Jacket buoy
kitchen [the cooking]
Toilet [simple]
All crew are experienced and professional