Mount Krakatau is part of the history of the world, visit and identify more closely, get the natural beauty around them, make your trip the most beautiful moments with us

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Carita beach

A nice white sandy beach with it slow sea stream and beautifull panorama facing Sunda strait,bungallows and small hotel ewre built on the hill avalaibable for visitors convinence.

Krakata volcano

The vibration of mt Krakatau wich happened in 1883,was might be left at some part of the World.The explossion brought about a groups of small islands scatering nearby,The group of small island were formed by part of volcano's top which emerge out of sea level,while the rest of part volcano is below of sea level.

Baduy community

Baduy comunity occupies of the land aproximately 40 miles to the sout east Rangkas Bitung,there are 39 villages covering 51square kilomtres embraced the bounderies of village kanekes.The comunity is classified into Baduy Dalam[inner baduy] and Baduy Luar [outer Baduy].About 800 people Baduy Dalam occupy three villages which are completly sorounded by aprotective Buffer zone of Baduy Luar.They are still stay in their original way of life and do not want to accept any renovation at all from out side as they consider everything from outside is just Taboo.Each village of Baduy Dalam is headed by PUUn who is refered to be sacred for possessing a heredity spiritual power.Taboos have made them isolate themselves from outside world life,therefor it is dificult to study the real thing of Baduy People.Recently Baduy luar comunity has been releasing from their strict way of thiking and beginig to get dealed with out side World.

It is the rare paradise of tropical nature reseve enjoying the absolute protection of the Nature protection and preservation[PHPA].bOGOR with fullassistance of the WORLD IDELIFE FUND.
This nature reserve mainly for scientific expedition and reseach purposes,with entrance permit issued by Ujung kulon ofice in Labuan,however individual visitor or group is permitted to enter.It is the home of one horned Rhinocerous and other kind of animal of tropical countries,observation to animal lifecan be done from metres high tower called jungkulon on the area Peucang and Handeuleum Islands,other watch tower are found at Cibunar lying on the slope hill Payung and at Nyiur. Peucang and Handeuleum islands are small island located nearby,they are part of the nature reserve offring a nice JUNGLE TOURS.


Every year from March tom September,a great variety of bird from many parts of Australia and Asia come to this faboulous Islandto lay their egg and grow u the young,before they return to their place of origin.