Mount Krakatau is part of the history of the world, visit and identify more closely, get the natural beauty around them, make your trip the most beautiful moments with us

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Ujung Kuon national park had many times of changed status.

Ujung Kulon flora and fauna is well known by Junghun,Botanical expert from german 1846
Ujung Kulon panaitan island was nominated as Nature park by the Netherland goverments decision later no.60 on 16 November 1921.Decision by Netherland Goverment no.17 on 14 june 1937 is to change Ujung Kulon into Animal park by including Peucang and Panaitan Island.based on decision letter of Ministery of Agriculture no.48/Um/1958 on 17 April 1958 is to change Ujung Kulon into nature Park by including marine area of 500 meter from lowest tidal wave.Decision letter of Miistry of Agriculture no.16/ktps/um/3/1967 on 16 march 1967,gunung honje is part of Ujung Kulon nature park.North Gunung honje is part of the Ujung Kulon by decision letter of minitry of agriculture No,39/ktps/um/1979 on 11 january ,covering area f 9.498 ha,by decision letter of Ministry of forestry No.96/ktps/um/1984,covering the rea consisting of Ujung Kulon peninsula ,Gunung honje,Peucang and panaitan island,krakatau and carita recreationpark.On 15 March ,through Ministry of agriculture statement,ujung Kulon is mnaged by National park management system.1980 Ujung Kulon National park Formed.based on decision letter Of director general Forest protection and nature Conservation No.44/ktps/DJ/1990,on 8 may,Ujung kulon natioanal park releasing Kraktau island to management of nature Conservation II tanjung karang,and carita recreation park To perum Perhutani unit III west Java.ujung Kulon was offically declared a National park wth the decree No.284/ktps-II/1992,dated February 26 1992.Ujung Kulon National Park and the krakatau island nature reserve declared as World heritage site by United Nation Education Sosial and culture Organization [UNESCO}with the decree no.SC/Eco/5867.2.409.on 1992.


gunung payung -sanghiang sirah

ACCESIBLE - HOW to get here

from Jakarta or Bogor,the best way is to drive through the attractive hilly country side of west java to the main gate Sunda strait and harbour of CARITA BEACH,AS well from Sumatra take Ferry to Merak enter to Cilegon and throug to Carita,those route takes 3 hrs by car,Breaking the jopurney overninite in carita a rustically sopisticated resort.All your destiantion package will be arrange by BLACK RHINO FREELANCE TOURIST INFORMATION CARITA .

After aswimming in acool fesh water at the mouth of cibunar,you can return to peucang island by following this shallow,pleasent river par way,or you can make the much longer round trip via gunung payung,the west beach and light house.The ascent and descent of Gunung payung's well-forested slopes on the trail from cibunar to tanjung sanghiang Sirah yake about 6 hrs.This mean camping overnight near Sanghiang Sirah,nice grass here,a stream,holy caves which also shelter adible nest buildingswiftlet,and dramatic scenery,The nxt day the trail follows the western coastline of the peninsula>Where the southern Indian Oceanroll in to break in tower of spray the black besalt vulcanic plugs of shore.THe giant Pandanus growing along the beach is the rare Pandanus Badur,no shortage of nice camp site ,or water at the mouth of streams in the shade of big old Nyampung [callophilum] turtle nest in some of the sandy bays.
About an hour south of tanjung layar,at the mouth of Cibunyaga,you can cross the Peninsula through the forest,or you can continue nort past java head [Tanjung Gede] to the light house,allows 6 hrs altogether from sanghiang Sirah or 4 hrs from Peucang Island

Far nearly 150 years ,yhe light houses[there have been 3]on this point have been a vital navigational aid to ship using the Sunda Strait.This is Java's first point of the sailing directin"Java Head"is the 50 mtr high high headland SW of layar.The first light house survived the Eruption of the Krakatau,giving shelter to the villagers of the time hwho fled there as the nearest high land.Beatifull flowering beach trees here.and Banteg grazing at down and dusk along the avenue of plented JUHAR[cassia]trees.The clif of the time continue underwater excellent diving among big fish.From the white store house [for the light house keeper supplies]or,in rough weather.from another landing spot further down the coost,you can return to peucang by boat.Or you can walk along the bay to Cidaon and Signal from there.

The name is Sundanes for coconut palm,but these day is the Gebbang or corpha hutan,a large feanleave palm,which dominates the scenery here.water backad of behind the uplifted coral reefs,on the shore here form an extensive lake and swampy pastures,favourite haunt,of pig and waterfowls,hrones,wooly necked stork,cormorants,egrets.The smaller trees are mostly the red twigged attractive hudicia humilis,which now covers and old grazing ground.South of Nyiur the almost inpenetrable palm and torny bamboo thickets,combined with the sharp leaved Mapaniasedga inthe swampy area,make agood rhino sanctuary area.It has been refuge from hunters and poacher in less protected time.Nyiur has a caracteristic of the beach and sub marine diversity

National park is nature conservation area which possesses native ecosystem,which are managed through a zoning systemthat fasilities reseach,science,education,breeding enhancement,recreation and tourisme purposse.
National Park relatively large land area which contain representative  sample of major natural region,feanures scenery of national or international significance where plant and animal species,geological sitehabitat are of special scientific,educational and recreation interest.
They contain one or several entire ecosystems that are not materially altered by human exploittion and occupation.The  ecosystems are managed to sustain tourisme and educations activities on at controlled bassis.The area is managed a near natural state.




Handeuleum island [70 km 2hrs]from carita is a small coral of the group islets off the peninsula 's east cost.There is a jetty,a coral path leads through Scaevola scrub to a coconut planted compound and a two storey guest house.Macaques ply in the bushes ,and deer are known to swim over the mainland but do not stay the island because too small.Across the water a litle to the north is the Cigenter Grazing ground and watch tower.Sorrounded bytalltrees,it's a an attractive setting for the banteng,frequent the area.About an hour upstream on the cigenter ,passale only part of the way boat,large and beautifull limestone terraces span the river,forming impressive cascades in the rainy season.The tidal estuaries of this coast,Ideal crocodile habitat,the extensive mangrove forests and the interesting birds of the area can all be seen and explored by boat or seen from 5 km,of trail in this part to the park



In tropical water,where the weather temperature and salinity are right,coral seem to blossomin to garden.
with amazin g variety of farm and colour,growing coral farm reef,and reef s act as homesfor whole communitiesof other marine life.They alsoprvide nourishment and nurseries for thousand of fish,shelfish,sponge,cray fish,and marine plants.While protecting shore lines and building island in the prosesswhether skindiving or deep diving with breathing equipment ,exploring a healthy reef is an experiences every one can enjoy and no ,ore forget.So many peoples have already done it nd it hardly needs recommending in general but a few pointers on where to go in Indonesia-a big country , after all and what to look for [and llok out for ]are worth having.


Both of thes sizeable are part of Ujung kulon nature reserve,and the just of java western most end,.Peucang has 2 rest house a permite to enter the reserve and rest house accomodation must be obtained at the nature conservaion directore head officein Bogor[next to the main entrance of botanical garden]both Island are reached from CARITA BEACH , a recreational area located in coastal town of Carita District.take 3 hrs by fast boat to peucang island from carita,it is wise to make good travel return trip . and also with sea Travel.tomake some allowances in bad weather . no food vailable on the Island ,so so you should arrange by your self befor depart.There  is good snorkling and diving all the way arround peucang ,with many nice drop off to explore on the northern reef edge,but even more spectacular are the under water cliffs at Tanjung layar.Tanjung layar is only a short boat ride from peucang and well worth the trip.Really big fish in this area but, please note for potographers and admirers only.sper fishing is not permitted within the reserve.Panaitan Island is unin habited .Day trip to southern beaches bout  1 hr from peucang ,are recommended.Panitan has extensive reefplattform particularly attractive to explore on foot at low spring tide.


Peucang island with two big bungalowsis 90 kms by the sea from carita 2-3 hrs by fast boat or5-6 hrs by slow boat.but presently the best visitor accomodation in the park.The bungallows face a green sward grazed by rusa deer and frequently by marauding monitor lizards and shy long tail macaques.It is an unusual experience in this part of the world to be able to see animals easily from varandah.Peucang is only about 2 km across,a short walk to the other sides through the pleasent open forest of tall trees"uncluttered"in comparison to the peninsula because of the browsing deer and the relative absence of palm.From peucang isla