Mount Krakatau is part of the history of the world, visit and identify more closely, get the natural beauty around them, make your trip the most beautiful moments with us

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From Jakarta to Krakatoa child-West java tour-Yogyakarta
Packages 9 days - 8 night
Krakatoa West java - mounted trim - yogyakarta adventure. Tour packages are provided to give a choice to visitors who will be adventuring on the island of Java, and also represents the eco adventure and all the richness and variety of potential diversity of nature, a volcano, national parks, and culture and beauty an emerald landscape of the equator. Travelling from the tip of Java also, precisely in the area  Sunda strait, which save a million charm grandeur of the towering Mount Anak Krakatau is also flanked by two large, namely Java and sumatra,  ujungkulon national parks as a legacy world and a haven for rhino Java terkhir. Continuing to the west of Java with all the wealth of natural attractions, such as, peak fitting, Tangkuban boat, papandayaan, Kamojang, dragon village, the beach in Pangandaran and attraksi are present here, that will not really experience forgotten. dri Yogyakarta, which is part of this journey is one of the main areas that many tourists visit both domestic and foreign tourists, many attractions are at present, in this warm city, for example,
palace, Buddhist temple of Borobudur, which is the oldest, and at once became yogyakarta icons and famous for its market jl.malioboro cheapness, Mount Merapi spewed lava that every moment is an attraction to tourists who want to visit Yogyakarta.

Day 01,
Arriving in Jakarta, the shuttle using a car equipped with an ac apribadi Carita distance to 3 hours drive. upon arrival at the Carita we provide a comfortable resting place,
Day 02
departure to Mount Krakatoa's child after breakfast, and travel time 1.5 hours using a fast boat, touring or climbing Anak Krakatoa is a program that we offer, and snorkeling on the island of Rakata well serve lunch here while enjoying the cool breeze in the wild coast of Rakata. pad in the afternoon, continue to travel on the western tip of TMAN nationally, with the aim peucang island,
Day 03,
sarapn morning, trecking to cidaon grazing to the park, where in general a lot of wild animals can be met here, among others, the bison, deer, wild boar, and various kinds of birds chirp from the horn bill, Peacock and other types. Once here, treking into copong reefs located on the west side of the island peucang with the frequency of visits during the 3-4 hour round trips. In the afternoon return to the boat and headed Carita.
Day day04,
after a few days to visit Krakatau and the western tip, we continue the journey toward the Bogor city or town where the rain bogor botanical garden one of the famous tourist object with a million kinds of tropical plants from around the world, grow and develop it home and breeding disini.selain Orchids can be encountered in the park ini.setelah lunch proceed back to bandung and stayed in the area Lemabng.
Day 05,
Tangkuban Perahu Crater is a primary goal in Bandung, driving a boat we arrived at Tangkuban about an hour from the valley. view, photos, and trecking to Domas Crater is part of this trip. then we proceed to Papandayan mountain in the afternoon, staying in the arrowroot.
Day 06
Papandayan 1s an active mountain that erupted in 2004 and, today stayed frozen debris and lava flows that we can meet, but another uniqueness of this mountain has a small crater on the peak, we can easily see the direct 1 hour walk. then we proceed to the beach and stay overnight in Pangandaran Pangandaran.
Day 07,
Pangandaran has a variety of objects to visit and enjoy in one, green canyon located in the southwest Pangandaran, atraction we can do by renting a boat / Canoe towards the old caves and down along the river tandui ci, jak to see tourists in stalactit stalacmid and hanging in the sky the sky cave. In the afternoon back to hotel and stay overnight.
Day 08
Food realization - Dieng plateau can travel 6 hours away by car, atraction in Dieng, hindu temples, geothermal, sikidang Crater, Dieng sunrise.selain it also has a fascinating panorama of mountains, giving the impression that ordinary probe.
Day 09
the Dieng Plateau - yogyakarta, before, entering the city of Yogyakarta we invite you to look directly round trip  andobserve  a cultural heritage and world heritage, temples Borobudur.ikuti narrative and stories in writing on the wall at Borobudur. In the afternoon entered the city of Yogya, and free,