Mount Krakatau is part of the history of the world, visit and identify more closely, get the natural beauty around them, make your trip the most beautiful moments with us

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MORE Closser know the mountains natural beauty,Marine and Jungle forest atL Sunda Strait surrounding habitat. Sunda strait is one of the International cruise lines, but behind it all  sunda strait also be eco tourist destination that has  contribution the  Banten tourisme particularly and Indonesia, as well as the assets of the world, because it has an idle straits Mount Krakatau child also ends Kulon National Park, Learn and feel the enchanting natural environment, beaches and a variety of sea biota, forests tropis, trops rain forest, and rare animals The accompaniyning guide to Knowing the culture and character that always give accurate information and akurat, all of our updates in this package.

Programme tour
day 01,
Picked up from the international airport or hotel in Jakarta and address, using private transport, delivered straight to Carita beach in the southwest of Jakarta, was staying at one of the hotels that qualify, free Programme.

Day 02,
after a briefing and breakfast, we will invite you straight to the child of Krakatoa and all legendanya.memakan 1.5 hours in travel time, during a trip to Krakatau you will be amazed by the expanse tsk mountains along the coast of the Sunda Strait. Arriving at the island of Krakatau, we invite you tour around the mountain kralatau child, to see the rest of the boom years as well as perpetuating 1883.dan nature around him. Snorkling in the northwest of Anak Krakatau is the next event, justrefreshing  tired during the trip, you will see coral reefs that grow directly between the slabs of frozen lava, with a wide variety of ornamental fish as if you'll memenjakan to chatting with them In the afternoon, all the equipment tent in pairs and stay in beachRakata Island.

Day 03,
morning crossing to Anak Krakatau, mendakikurang than an hour you've reached the first peak of Mount Krakatoa, await the morning sun burst from the horizon thanphotographing, scanning, and the streets of atasnya.sampai to 2 hours. directly back to the camp, had breakfast, re pack, then climbed into the boat trip to  national park melamnjutkan western tip. destination is a beach that has palm trees and blue water is very clean beach and spend the night here


day 04,
after breakfast the next morning the activities is to swamp trecking roofs, where the swamp is a gathering place of wild animals for food and or just enjoying the fresh morning atmosphere their way out dri tropical rain forest as a habitat. Travel to the swamp that you only spend 2-3 hours. back from the Swamp, we continue to move to the beach dream trip Cimayang.Cimayang ais one of the beaches located oposite with peucang island, which of course has i uniqueness and beauty of its own, in addition to virgin beaches, tropical forests and sparkling water that flows next to them, increasing harmonization natural blend. You will feel the impact of independence  and lonely at private beach  all the shadows are always time-consuming work.


Day 05,
the fifth day we left for crossing to the island peucang using fast boats and crew who faithfully serve you. Shebaniah on the island, the hotel check-ins and free Programme, you can enjoy nature with the activities underwater skin diving or a walk along the beach on the island peucang, you all can enjoy. or might be chatting with animals that always came over just to happy visitors.


Day 06,
visit the animalsgrazing ground located in an opposite Peucang island, just 10 minutes by fast burst boat.berjalan nipa forest and could see another ntara animals: bison, deer, monkey, hornbill birds, pecock and even if you are lucky  Rhino will find java passing around the paddocks. lunch, r epack and go back to Carita with 3-hour travel charger trip.programe completed.

The Package includes :
  • Fast Boat Double engine
  • Tour Guide
  • Meals ( B, L, D)
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • entry permit and self insurance
  • Mineral water
  • Snack and fruits
  • Wooden cano
  • Accommodation at peucang Island Ujung Kulon
  • Local tour and Ranger fee.

All of our speeb boat are equiped with life jackets, navigation devices, powefull outboard double engines are oprated by professional crew and will accompanied by friendly local gudide expert on local attraction.

All duration are flexibel according to your schedule and we can advice on flight, arrange airport transfer from Jakarta to Carita beach and hotel accommodation for your stay

The trip schedule is very much dependent on weather conditions and may make changes
Suggestion : Please bring camera, shoes, sun block / lotion, swim suit, towel and hat.
Information :
We also provide Pick up Service from Jakarta to Carita Beach or Carita to jakarta
We would help you to find out Hotel or Hostel if you want to stay at Carita Beach After or before Krakatau tour.
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